If a Muslim Did It, It Would be “Terrorism”

Korean grandmother, 83, is ‘punched in the head by woman, 27, screaming “white power” in downtown LA [Daily Mail]

Officers were called to Korea town in LA on Wednesday after reports the 83-year-old woman had been assaulted

Alexis Duvall, 27, allegedly punched the grandma in the back of her head, knocking her to the ground

Witnesses say they heard her yell ‘power is power, white power’ and the N-word

But police say they received no reports of Duvall using racist language 

Duvall was arrested on suspicion of battery and being held on $50,000 bail

If the assailant were brown, she'd probably have bullet holes in her

If the assailant were brown, she’d have bullet holes in her

Police apparently couldn’t be arsed to talk to the witnesses who described the attacker as using racist language. Or are the LAPD deciding that calling someone “nigger” is not racist? Perhaps it’s because so many 83-year-old Korean rapper grandmothers call each other that. Or something.

Hold onto your seats, though, because: Police say she screamed obscenities as she was arrested, and seemed to be intoxicated or suffering from a mental problem.

See? Intent is magic. If the attacker was intoxicated or suffering from a mental problem, they can’t possibly be racists or terrorists. Actually, it’s always seemed to me that the disinhibition from alcohol or certain drugs is more likely to make people behave the way they imagine behaving. As someone who has been disinhibited from various substances, I can agree with the ancient philosophers who said: “drunk says what sober thinks.” Maybe the assailant was actually acting out what was in her mind all along.


The question I wish I had an answer to is why this isn’t being reported in the US. Is it because the Daily Mail is “fake news”, or because the LAPD is a “fake police department” or perhaps racism and terrorism only happen when it’s white people getting punched in the head.


  1. Kengi says

    NBC Los Angeles reported it as a “random attack” with an “unknown motive” last week then never followed up as far as I can see. Just another inevitable consequence of the violent lifestyle of elderly Korean grandmas, I suppose.

  2. cartomancer says

    Ah, but is it racism if you’re using the wrong racial slurs?! Clearly what has happened here is that she was using slurs that apply to black people, whereas her victim was not a black person but a Korean. Ergo not racism! That’s how it works, isn’t it?

  3. says

    Just another inevitable consequence of the violent lifestyle of elderly Korean grandmas, I suppose.

    You can’t simply discount Korean grandma-on-Korean grandma crime.

  4. says

    Great American Satan@#5:
    Aaaaah, Trump’s attitudes, beliefs, and non-beliefs are so complicated to me that, as far as I am concerned, he may as well be random. Roll 2d20 on the Trumptable and – whups, America, you blew your saving throw!

    I don’t know if I buy that he’s a racist. I think he just loves himself so darned much that, comparatively, he appears to hate everyone else who isn’t also head over heels in love with him.

  5. cartomancer says


    Trumptable (2D20)

    2 – Build a wall around it
    3 – Blame the Mexicans
    4 – Threaten to withdraw federal funds (ignore fact you don’t have the power to do this)
    5 – Hollow and ridiculous macho posturing (See 2002 “Realm of Putin” supplement, pp.13-296)
    6 – Angry Tweet
    7 – Sue
    8 – Accuse someone involved of treachery
    9 – Don’t do anything
    10 – Bloviate
    11 – General act of sleaze
    12 – Fire someone
    13 – Threaten to sue
    14 – Furious Tweet
    15 – D6 Furious Tweets
    16 – Insecure boast about size of hands / verisimilitude of “hair” / popularity
    17 – Ban the ethnic or religious group involved from the country
    18 – Everyone says so folks, everyone says so.
    19 – Pander to lunatic fringe (roll D6 – 1-2 Free Market Fundamentalists, 3-4 Evangelical Christians, 5-6 Nazis)
    20 – Incandescent Tweet
    21 – Ask Twitter what to do, do that
    22 – Settle out of court then deny ever settling out of court
    23 – Threaten to invade somewhere
    24 – Ban random minority group from the country (roll on chart in main rulebook or GM’s choice)
    25 – Appoint random dangerous idiot to sort it out
    26 – Tweet of Apoplectic Rage
    27 – Insult Rosie O’Donnell
    28 – Ride roughshod over constitution, get congressional Republicans to defend it.
    29 – Ask Steve Bannon what to do, do that
    30 – Sulk
    31 – Determine what Obama would do (roll on Obamachart in 2009 Democrats and Demagogues supplement, p.215) then do the opposite
    32 – Embarassing press conference with cheap props
    33 – Ask Vladimir Putin what to do, do that
    34 – Call nearest journalistic outfit Fake News
    35 – Use situation to further dodgy business venture
    36 – Grope nearest woman in vicinity
    37 – Apocalyptic Tweet of Distilled Fury
    38 – Ask hairpiece what to do, do that
    39 – Roll three times on this chart, applying all results however inconsistent.
    40 – Respond in a vaguely sensible manner to the issue (re-roll at Mike Pence’s discretion).