No Tekken 7 Swimsuits in West Thanks to “SJWs”!!!!!


Tekken 7 is already out in Japan, and with this game’s release includes swimsuit costumes for all of the fighters, men, women, and beast alike. As expected from a Tekken game, the costumes are over-the-top all around, regardless of gender or…animal. The game will release in the West in 2017, and a Tekken fan reached out to the series’ producer, Katsuhiro Harada, via Twitter and point blank asked if the US release would indeed have these swimsuits. Harada responded with, “Ask your country’s SJWs. HAHAHAHAHA.”

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Hardcore Gaming

I occasionally encounter people on gaming forums who talk about “hardcore gamers” as if there’s some kind of accepted definition of the term. You know: “hardcore gamers are gamers who play more than 25 hours a day and who only drink Red Bull intravenously” or something like that. The problem with such ‘definitions’ is that they rely heavily on vague concepts, which means it’s very easy to play with your interlocutor’s head by recursively asking them for definitions, complaining that their terminology is imprecise. That rhetorical technique is the real reason they killed Socrates.

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