Uncommon Sense

If the world is destroyed, it will be a white-collar crime, done in a business-like way, by large numbers of individuals involved in a chain of actions, each one having a touch of innocence.

Howard Zinn

– From Dow Shall Not Kill

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I’ve come across Uncommon Sense – a book of quotes from the speeches and writings of Howard Zinn [amazon] – it is a fabulous “toilet tank book”, something you can read in those short pauses to contemplate.

Bolting Stuff Down

My first grinder was a dual-wheel 1/16hp bench grinder I got at a yard sale for $5 in 1976. It turned on and off with a little switch that was between the wheels – perfectly set up so you could catch the sleeve of your hoodie in the spinning wheels and make a great mess. Luckily it was only 1/16hp.

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