Movie Review: Atomic Blonde

Short form: I wish there were more thrillers that had such great lighting, interesting characters, adult plot, and which did such a beautiful job of treading the line between suspension of disbelief and failure to suspend disbelief. If you like action movies, go see it unless you are allergic to 80s music and beautifully choreographed but intense violence.

(very very mild spoilers below the fold; I will not spoil any plot-points unless you are a genius at reading between the lines)

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More on the Googlebro – The AI Take

I got into a lengthy facebook flail-a-thon [here] with some real live biological determinists, last night. Seriously! I had allowed myself to believe that such people didn’t actually exist. Silly me. Now I remember why my appearances on facebook are brief (occasionally I use a stealth account to do investigations) and are usually followed by years of silence.

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