Sheer Marketing Genius

This is from [Gizmodo]

Option 1: Ubermensch mode – stand on the table and scream “FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU” in people’s faces.

Option 2: Passive-aggressive mode – listening to some marketing genius.

Option 3: Be silent.

ExxonMobil, “I’ll take Option 2, please.”

Thoughts and fucking prayers.

I’d have gone full ubermensch mode and posted, “this storm brought to you by ExxonMobil’s fine climate-changing products.”


  1. lanir says

    I think between 2 & 3 you have this:

    Option 2.5: Lie about it. Same thoughts and prayers but add something like “Exxon Mobil, keeping you running today while we work together to build tomorrow.” Along with a picture of some solar cells or wind turbines and an Exxon logo. Don’t even have to be owned by the company. Bonus points if you rush to get a few new and never before used tanker trailers filled with cheap tap water from elsewhere and order some poor grunts to drive them down there. Slight downside that the water actually helps people but what can you do.

  2. klatu says

    Wait… Their thoughts and prayers aren’t even with Lousiana. Only with the colleagues, friends and GC neighbors of specifically ExxonMobil who currently happen to be in Lousiana.

    It’s like saying: “We pray for some of you. Specifically those who buy our shit. Good luck, idiots!”

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