The Failing Journalism is Gullible

I’m amazed that nobody seems to be pointing this out.

Trump supposedly tweeted a picture and some blatherations – his “video message” – from Walter Reed:

Sure, he’s speaking from his hospital room. Yeah. Right. Meanwhile, look at how they carefully made the decor at the white house match Trump’s hospital room. Same table. Same cabinets. Same shit on the desk. Same outfit. Same flat shit porno-set lighting.

Does it take a photographer to notice this?

Come on! I expect higher quality bullshit from our leaders. Is this the best they could do?

Here’s the scenario: before he freaked out and had trouble breathing and rushed to the hospital, he recorded a couple of videos for the liar media team. Because he was hoping he could continue to pretend that he was in the white house while they were disassembling him and replacing his skin over a new robotic framework. What if it took longer than expected? I know: let’s have a couple “This is fine!” videos they can send out.


  1. call me mark says

    On the second image he’s signing his name on a blank piece of paper. “Working”? Heh.

  2. emeliea says

    Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t see that the second pic is said to be from the White House. The photo caption in the linked Vice article says it’s from the “presidential suite” at Walter Reed, which appears to be what is called his “hospital room” in the caption to the first pic.

  3. Emeliea says

    Oh, my reply was intended to Marcus, not to Reginald Selkirk, so with “said to be” I meant said by the posted pic and by the linked article, not by Marcus himself (in case that was unclear).

  4. Emeliea says

    call me mark (#1)

    It’s possible the paper actually wasn’t blank, but looked like it due to overexposure. I doubt he did any “work” other than pretending for the camera, but maybe he was signing some nefarious executive order?

  5. says

    Reginald Selkirk@#4:
    Study finds altered mental state in nearly one-third of COVID-19 patients

    Over at Daily Kos some commenters are hypothesizing that Trump is high on steroids. I’ve never had steroids so I don’t know. Maybe it interacts with adderall in interesting ways. So there could be all kinds of synergies leveraging eachother proactively in that great big lump of mashed potatoes we call “POTUS.”

  6. says

    Reginald Selkirk@#2:
    Yes, it’s a hospital. Did you notice all the white cabinetry?

    Yeah, but it’s not Walter Reed, which is what they were trying to make it sound like. The “I’m fine!” message was after they flew him out on the helicopter.

  7. komarov says

    Re: callmemark (#1):

    “On the second image he’s signing his name on a blank piece of paper. “Working”? Heh.”

    Yes, actually. Remember him gifting autographs to people in areas struck by natural disaster so they could flog them online for cash? He is manufacturing valuable goods. There’s a joke about controlling the means of production in there somewhere, but between Trump’s total lack of self-control and the sad reality of how easy it must be for those around him to bend his ear, I think I’ll just move on.

    Re: Ward 71

    Thanks for posting that, totally unsurprising as it is. It was already galling how dismissive Trump is of the disease. Now that he has or has had it he’s once more broadcasting how trivial the disease is, how nobody shold be concerned about it – while getting top notch care for free – basically an impossibility in the US. That much was obvious, but this article adds some much-needed insult to inury. Hypocrisy illustrated. Bloody hell.

  8. Reginald Selkirk says

    @7 Emeliea: t’s possible the paper actually wasn’t blank, but looked like it due to overexposure.

    I wondered the same myself, but his signature seems to stand out clearly enough.

  9. Emeliea says

    I still don’t understand what you’re saying. What decor at the White House was carefully matched to Trump’s hospital room (or vice versa)? Why can’t the pics and video simply be from the presidential suite at Walter Reed like they say?

    And then in a comment you said:
    “Yeah [it’s a hospital], but it’s not Walter Reed”, and I don’t understand why.

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