In Which At One Point I Engaged In Some Christmas Trolling, Fa La La!

I did a bunch of great stock photography with Ray S., who was a joy to work with.

When I was shooting stock, I’d usually just run through a bunch of weird ideas and shoot them, then post them. The idea was to create semi-surreal juxtapositions of concepts, that other artists would see and think “I am totally going to photoshop that into something!” A lot of my weird concepts have found their way onto book covers, tshirts, etc. One of the models I used to work with was surprised to find that someone had tattooed her (badly) onto their arm.

Anyhow, I got the santa suit so I could shoot a christmasy picture because at that time in my life I needed to send people christmas cards. So Ray and I were rummaging through the costume collection and I said, “I bet there’d be a lot of haters for this.” And that’s how that happened. I gotta admit, Ray made me feel like a pasty lump of blancmange standing next to him; he spent several hours a day working on his physique. Ah, youth.

I have another picture where he’s got a big green laundry bag at his feet, but the composition’s not so great and you can tell it’s full of skulls. (I had some poly skulls from halloween…)


  1. lumipuna says

    I’d rather have a bare black Santa and a fluffy white Christmas landscape, than the other way round.

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