Fall Colors, xmas 2019

I always love the look of ice rain, but I hate driving around in it and it almost always takes down a tree or two, or at least some branches.

This is why I live here: it’s beautiful. Also, real estate is cheap.


  1. rojmiller says

    “Ice rain”?? Weird. I’ve lived in Ontario most of my life, and never heard that term. Is it an American thing? Pennsylvania term? Anyway, here we call it “freezing rain”.

  2. jrkrideau says

    @ 2 rojmiller
    Ontario and Hull Qc. Definitely freezing rain., i still am a bit traumatized by the great Ice Storm of 1998 and like a lot of my neighbors get jittery when the weather forecast calls for freezing rain.

    The Great Ice Storm of 1998

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