Auction #6 for Freethought Blogs Legal Defense Fund

This for the FtB legal defense fund. See [go fund me] for details. Rules are below:

Auction Closed: The silver femur went for $51. Thank you to our high bidder!


For your consideration we are auctioning a pewter fox’s femur doodad. It’s about 2″ long (50mm) and is cast in “high silver quantity scraps” – probably about 50% fine silver and 50% tin. I do not closely track the assay of my castings and do not warrant this as any particular mix, beyond “there is a bunch of silver in this.” (Silver is currently around $35/troy oz; it’s not very expensive)

This thing is very satisfying to fondle. Well, I have one just like it and it’s satisfying so I assume that this less-fondled one will be.


You can bid in the comments, or bid by emailing me [link]. If you email, I will assume that you wish to remain anonymous and will post a comment in the bidding section that reads: “Anonymous bid in the amount of $___”

Whoever bids the most for the doodad wins it for $1 more than the second highest bidder bid. For example, if I bid $75 and Joe bids $5 and I’m the highest bidder, that makes Joe the second highest bidder, and I win the thing for $6. This is a variation of the Ebay bidding algorithm and, while it is less effective at milking money from the bidders, it discourages people from feeling that they need to log in at the last minute and try to bid over someone else. At the time when bidding closes, whichever bid is the highest, whether it’s email or a comment, wins.

The winner is expected to donate the agreed-upon amount to the defense fund and send me suitable proof (a screenshot or whatever) and give me a shipping address, and I’ll send the doodad along.

Since we don’t have an automated bidding system like Ebay, I’d like to discourage “auction sniping.” If you want the thing, bid what you’re willing to pay for it and just see what happens. If you simply must have it, bid $1million for it and if the second highest bidder bids $50, it’s yours for $51.

If you do not win, you owe nothing!


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  1. komarov says

    Did you cast this (or these) from a mold made with the bone collection you posted about ages ago? I.e. this is a (close-ish) replica of the actual thing rather than being cast from a (possibly modified) model? No worries, I’m not objecting, just curious. This would make an interesting gift for a retired hunter.

    I’ll just bid 50$ before overthinking gets the better of me. (Am I overlooking a minimum or starting bid somehwere?)

  2. says

    @komarov: this is lost wax from a wax made in a silicone mold lifted from the original object – part of a collection of small bones a friend sent me. We’re pretty sure it’s a fox’ femur.

    There are no minimum bids. So if nobody else bids you pick up some silver for $1.

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