The Tao: Chapter 7 – Enduring and Everlasting

Heaven is everlasting and earth is enduring.

Photo of Jack, courtesy of Voyager

The reason that they are everlasting is because they do not exist for themselves.
Hence, they are long lived.
Thus, although the saint puts himself last, finds himself in the lead.
Although he is not self-concerned, finds himself accomplished.
It is because he is not focused on self-interests and hence can fulfill his true nature.

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I have always seen dogs as examples of how to live. They seem to get it. Sure, there are some dogs that are neurotic balls of angst, but that’s almost always some human’s fault.

Of course I do not believe in heaven or anything; I simply translate that concept to “enduring joy” and it all works for me.


  1. rq says

    I read those words in Jack’s (hi, Jack!) voice – something a little Morgan Freeman, a little David Attenborough, a little Labrador. It was nice.

  2. Dunc says

    I tend to think of “Heaven” in Chinese philosophy as “the fundamental nature of the Universe”, and “Earth” as “the material world as we perceive it”.

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