Creep While You Can!

Various links of weirdness led me to this collection of wonders:

The Steel Trap:

That’s paper! It’s not even very complicated paper – the good people at Ravensblight have downloadable templates you can use. Just paint/color/cut/fold/glue.

Don’t worry, they have been notified about the distressing lack of a Cthulhu statue. Unfortunately, we sent a shoggoth to notify them, so they probably won’t make one, now.

It’s always bat country.

I was co-op playing Resident Evil 5 with a friend last saturday and we got to the giant bat boss and I yelled “it’s bat country” and then we were laughing to hard, the boss wiped us twice.

My friend who is studying to be a mortician commented, “now I know what everyone is getting for Xmas”  (I made a little mahogany coffin lined with red felt as a stash-box for smoking-stuff, a few years ago) These are easier!

This is perfect for your kids:

No, no, no, I don’t mean put your kids in a paper coffin! I mean have your kids make little paper coffins for their classmates as a present for valentine’s day. Or perhaps not.

Anyway, there is a whole page of amazing free models, including

I’m not trying to say that you could photoshop on their design and make a triceratops ride that would make Ken Ham green-egged with envy. But you could.

More clever stuff here. Super clever stuff!


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    The ships look great, don’t they? My favorites are the coffins. But they’re all super clever. The stake/hammer kits would be great, too.. I just don’t see having the time to build any of them.

    I’m surprised that there aren’t any pepakura-based games…