Apropos Nothing

I had a brainfart the other day, when someone said something about “the commentariat” over at FtB.

So I made the commentariat a logo.


That is all. You are not required to use it.


  1. cvoinescu says

    That’s brilliant, but if you were going for a communist feel, you got the Western idea of communist aesthetics, not the authentic thing. The red star should be smaller and above the crossed sword and quill, and nothing says fake-soviet like that stencil font. Large, plain sans-serif letters, hand-drawn and slightly non-uniform if possible, and slightly squared if you prefer.

  2. says

    Not really a communist feel; more a military science-fictiony feel. I’m not a very good graphic artist at all. The sort of things you’re talking about – that’s way outside of my ability except in my dreams!

  3. cvoinescu says

    Then I think it’s spot on. (What threw me was that the crossed quill and sword reminded me of a hammer and sickle, so I extrapolated from there.)