A Giveaway

Sometimes, I just have too many nearly-completed projects and experiments.

These are experimental blades I made by taking a chunk of wrought iron and welding a cutting edge to the face of the block. Then, I forged the block down and out, to see if the steel edge would stay stuck, or detach or crumble or otherwise do something naughty. Then, I quenched it normally, expecting it to turn to a pretzel as the steel and wrought iron expand and contract and heat and cool at different rates and different amounts. Surprise! The blades did bend dramatically but bent right back as they cooled, as though nothing had happened. And the steel hardened nicely, and didn’t crack or anything naughty like that.

They need a bolster cut, a handle drilled and fitted, some glue, and handle shaping. Then, a good sharpening. The facing is 15N20 and ought to take a wicked edge.

The finish on the wrought iron is from leaving it in ferric chloride for 3 days to get it nice and woody. Then, I polished the surface a bit to see if it’d highlight.

Pretty much.

If you want this blade, say so in the comments. First person who comments “gimme” wins. Also, you may suggest materials for a bolster and handle block and if I have it in stock, I’ll cut some and send it along. If you’re it, email me a shipping address and it’ll come in the mail in due time.

This is a low tools-required project. You could complete it with just a hand drill, something to shape a handle with/on, and some glue. No big shop full of grinders and hot surfaces required.


  1. Eric D Red says

    Sometimes it pays to get up early to get some work done, but then procrastinate online on my favorite blogs. I’ve got handle materials, but I’m open to any suggestions on a bolster. I don’t have a forge, but I’m reasonably well equipped for wood or softer metals.

    I’ll send my info by email.

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