Bugs Bugs Bugs

Yesterday we went to the Natural History Museum in Washington, DC! Is there some way I can make “going to museums” a career? Would any national magazine like a museum reviewer? Contact my agent.

The butterfly room is always so cool, but they’re always a reminder of mortality to me.

A Common Morpho – very beautiful under the light.

The museum must have an amazing collection of sculptors. There was a section on the evolution of humans, with these fantastic bronzes of Neanderthals, and so forth. The sculptures walked perfectly down the line of being realistic but artistic, too – educational but not bland. They were in a dark part of the museum so I didn’t photograph any of them.

I loved these giant terra-cotta faces of bugs. These are beautifully done and would look good hanging on anyone’s wall.


  1. avalus says

    “I seem to have broken through you wall! Ups, this is akward. Um … Mind parting with a little blood/nectar/sugar?”

  2. voyager says

    A museum reviewer would be my dream job. These days with the right pitch you could probably even sell the idea to Netflix or the History Channel.
    Natural history museums are probably my favourite, but the butterfly displays always make me feel a bit sad. Maybe it’s the lack of decay. They look so vital, as if without the pins they could just fly away.
    The sculpted insects are brilliant, though.

  3. Jazzlet says

    That insect head is gorgeous!

    It rminds me of when our first dog, Jazz, was a puppy. I was on our allotment with her working away when I heard a voice say “hello, who are you?” and looked up to find Jazz on another allotment, oops. I called her back and she came sqeezing through the privet hedge, so just for an instant it looked as if her head had been mounted on the hedge! Silly puppy and silly owner, I spent the rest of my time finding all the gaps in the hedge she could get through and patching them up.

  4. kestrel says

    Love, love love bugs, bugs bugs.

    It would be so awesome to be a Professional Museum Goer. What a great business card that could be.

  5. jrkrideau says

    @ 4 kestrel
    What a great business card that could be.
    Find a good laser printer and you are in business. Somewhere I have a card describing me as as “Applied Nutritionist”. In translation, feed me and I will comment on the food. Frighteningly, someone who saw the card thought I actually knew something about nutrition!

    I also am a behavoural economist. I actually have some qualifications on the behavoural economist card but not great. I have not decided what my next career will be. Any suggestions?
    The printer is waiting.