I Wish Escher Could Have Seen This

This is mesmerizing.

I guess that once you’ve done this for a while you’ll learn which steps give you which bounce, and how to do the transitions seamlessly. They’re so fluid.

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This performance was staged in the Pantheon, in Paris. If my memory serves me correctly, Voltaire’s remains are in a little alcove just to camera left from where this was shot. His tomb is a bit of an embarrassment – it was heavily politicized, and declares that it was established by the national assembly, to Voltaire, “who fought the atheists and fanatics, inspired tolerance, and reclaimed the rights of man from servitude and feudalism.” I think a simple block of marble with the words “here lies Voltaire” – ça suffit.


  1. chigau (違う) says

    A few years ago, I was in Rotterdam for a thing and was at my penultimate day with time on my hands.
    I discovered that it was about a half-hour by train to the Escher Museum and became quite excited. Until I noticed that it was closed on Mondays.
    Yes. It was Monday.
    I’d been in Rotterdam for eight days.
    I actually sat down in the hotel lobby and had a small cry.