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Those are the languages that I speak. Unfortunately, I cannot allow comments in other languages that I don’t understand.

If you comment in German or Latvian, I can answer in those languages. If you comment in French, Italian, or Russian, I will answer in English. I don’t have a Russian keyboard. My French and Italian are good enough to understand everything, but not good enough to express myself completely freely. [Read more…]

An Atheist Blog

I grew up in an atheist family, in the atheist city. I’m close to being a lifelong atheist.

In kindergarten a religious teacher told me about God and Jesus. She taught us that we have to pray to God, and then he will answer our prayers. One day, my mother was taking me to a local clinic for a dentist appointment. As we were walking towards the clinic, I decided to pray God to make my dentist sick: “Dear God, please make sure my dentist isn’t at the clinic today, make sure she’s busy or sick or something like that.” My prayer got no answer—the dentist was there and I had my teeth fixed that day. This was the last time I prayed to God. My empirical experiment suggested that God does not answer prayers, so why bother asking him for things in the first place? [Read more…]