How Pale Silverpoint and Metalpoint Drawings Really Are?

A silverpoint drawing by Leonardo da Vinci.

A silverpoint drawing by Leonardo da Vinci.

Looking at online images of silverpoint or metalpoint drawings, you will probably notice that many of them look very light and pale. Is this the norm? Why are they so light? And most importantly—how comes that only some metalpoint drawings look so pale while others appear much darker? Different computer monitors display images differently, thus you cannot be certain whether some artwork appears on your monitor the way it was intended to look like by the artist who scanned/photographed their work. Moreover, with image editing software like Photoshop, it is possible to alter how light or dark some digital image looks like. So how do these drawing actually look like in real life? [Read more…]

Metalpoint Drawing: Horse Head

Here is my latest artwork. This is something I have been working on lately. This is a metalpoint drawing featuring a horse head. Image size is 30 x 22 cm. This image is drawn with 24 karat gold, palladium, and aluminum on a specially prepared surface.

A metalpoint drawing is made by dragging a piece of metal (usually a wire) across a surface prepared with an abrasive ground. As the metal is drawn along the surface, tiny particles of metal are left behind, creating a mark.

Original drawing is available for sale. The price is €600. Contact me if you are interested in purchasing it. Shipping is possible to anywhere in the world.

Metalpoint drawing of a horse head.

A metalpoint drawing featuring a horse head.

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