Non-leaky labs and overly leaky mouths

The idea that COVID-19 leaked from a lab is extremely unlikely, and there is zero evidence to support it. It was a conspiracy theory last year, and, since we have no new evidence suggesting that there could have been a leaky lab causing problems, it still remains a conspiracy theory. Of course, there might be new discoveries someday in the future, but for now we should abstain from promoting ideas that are not supported by any evidence. [Read more…]

When Shit Hits the Fan

Nowadays I do not read news on a daily basis anymore. It’s just too depressing. But I do have to catch up with the news at least every now and then, because I prefer to have at least some clue about what’s going on in the world. Basically, getting sad and angry roughly once per week is better than experiencing it on a daily basis. So I looked at the news today. [Read more…]

Laws that Regulate Sex Work

Who ought to decide about laws that regulate sex work? Answer: Sex workers.

Unfortunately, in most societies politicians, police officers, academics, lawyers, religious authorities, feminist organizations, etc. want to dictate how sex work ought to be regulated or criminalized. Yet somehow everybody forgets to ask sex workers what they themselves want. [Read more…]

Embarrassingly Incompetent Politicians

Some politicians are incompetent. A few are so terrible, that it’s painful to watch. As of right now, Trump is among the worst.

Today in a Latvian news site I spotted an interview with Vaira Vīķe-Freiberga, a former President of Latvia, who said the following words about Donald Trump: “This human is unimaginably, unimaginably incompetent! He doesn’t consult any experts, he doesn’t think, he opens his mouth before the brain has started to work! He is catastrophic.”* Note: This is my translation, the original statement was in Latvian. In this interview she expressed her opinions about how various politicians are dealing with the current coronavirus pandemic. Trump was the only politician who got such harsh words, her statements about everybody else were much more cautiously worded and diplomatic. [Read more…]