Snowy White Christmas Fluffy

Where I live, right now the weather is rainy, temperature hovers at about +4°C. We had some snow back in November, but now all of it has long melted. This year, there will be no snowy white Christmas for me. This means, it’s time to dig up some photos from my old archives. These images are taken two years ago (in March, actually).

Pomeranian Dog

This gorgeous snowy white fluffy is a Pomeranian dog. His name is Lar. He is my mother’s dog. After retiring, my mother now lives with a small pack of Pomeranians. He is a tiny boy, he weights only two kilograms.

Pomeranian Dog

Pomeranian Dog

Pomeranian Dog

German Spitz Dog

This girl is not white, but I guess that I can still call this photo “snowy white,” after all, there is snow in the image. And the dog is most certainly very fluffy. Her name is Marsa.

These photos are taken outdoors, with natural light only, on a sunny day.

By the way, photographing tiny dogs outdoors in winter is brutal. For these photos, I used a 100mm prime lens (meaning, a lens that cannot be zoomed in). I had to spend an hour lying in snow and waiting for the dogs to stand at the right distance from me while doing something that looked nice in a photo. As you can imagine, lying motionless in snow for a prolonged period of time is freezing.

But I do like it when I succeed at catching good shots of my family’s fluffy beasts. There are no hardships that a photographer won’t endure for the sake of art.


  1. says

    Oh, it’s a Pom pup.

    There was a cold snap across Asia four years ago (January 2016). Other than a light dusting of hail on one afternoon, I haven’t seen snow since winter of 2004-05, and I don’t miss it. I spent 30+ Canadian winters in -30°C or worse (and over a metre of snow on the ground), so I’ve done my time. Never again.

  2. fledanow says

    Oh. My. Dogs! They are gorgeous! I followed your links to your other pomeranians photos and I was practically squirming with the cuteness and beuty of them all. Thank you!

    BTW, Intransitive. I live in southern Manitoba. It SHOULD be -20C to -30C nowadays, and it’s not. It’s mild, hovering around -10C to 0C, but sunny, and we are all weirded out and unsure if we should be happy or deeply worried. Plus, we can’t get warm because it is damp and we can’t layer up against it. You just never win. Oh – and the dogs get dirty.

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