Children and Responsibility

When a person enables the creation of a new helpless yet sentient living being, they should be responsible for taking care of this creature and ensuring its wellbeing. Be it a puppy, a pet rabbit or a human baby. But the question is who exactly ought to be held responsible for children—their biological parents or the society that forces people to give birth against their will? [Read more…]

When Shit Hits the Fan

Nowadays I do not read news on a daily basis anymore. It’s just too depressing. But I do have to catch up with the news at least every now and then, because I prefer to have at least some clue about what’s going on in the world. Basically, getting sad and angry roughly once per week is better than experiencing it on a daily basis. So I looked at the news today. [Read more…]

Why Late-Term Abortions Must Be Legal and Easily Accessible

Nobody has abortions for fun. Nobody wants to have an abortion. And I swear that, as a pro-choice advocate, I do not get any sadistic pleasure from knowing that there are late-term abortions happening in the world. I do want there to be as few abortions as possible. And I also want elective abortions to be done as soon as possible—when a pregnancy is terminated at the pregnant person’s request for reasons other than maternal health or fetal disease, it should not be a late-term abortion.* Nobody wants or enjoys abortions, and there is no evil conspiracy to abort as many fetuses as possible.

There is some fearmongering among pro-life activists that people will decide to have late-term abortions on a whim just because they got bored of being pregnant after a few months. Here’s what literally nobody is thinking: “My belly is starting to get big, this is getting annoying, because it disturbs my ability to exercise, I think I will get an abortion today morning, I’d like it to be quick, so that I can get to my hairdresser’s appointment today afternoon.” This is something that never happens. In reality, late-term abortions are performed on people** who wanted a child but lost their baby due to medical complications. [Read more…]