How to Restore and Repair Old Wooden Windows

Wooden window restoration is something I am very familiar with. I have antique wooden windows in my home. Well, they are sort of old and differ from how windows are made nowadays, so I guess I can use the word “antique.” The house where I live was built in 1939. I do not know how old the windows are. It is possible that they are from later than the house itself, but they definitely are at least several decades old. More importantly, they are really pretty. I moved to my current home seven years ago. Back then the windows were covered with countless layers of flaky, dirty, old paint. Now they are restored and saturated with linseed oil.


My bedroom window. It’s made from pine wood and covered with linseed oil. The plant on the windowsill is Nepenthes x ventrata.

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Symbolic Photography

This is a self-portrait I made two months ago, back then I published it with the title “Bold and Proud.”


For some people merely staying alive requires being bold. When you don’t fit into any of the boxes that the society has been trying to enforce for centuries, when your mere existence is an eyesore for conservative people who believe in traditional gender roles, you have to be bold just to survive. When all the “rules” the society tries to enforce clash with your personal lifestyle choices, all that’s left to be is to stay bold and proud. [Read more…]

Snowy White Christmas Fluffy

Where I live, right now the weather is rainy, temperature hovers at about +4°C. We had some snow back in November, but now all of it has long melted. This year, there will be no snowy white Christmas for me. This means, it’s time to dig up some photos from my old archives. These images are taken two years ago (in March, actually).

Pomeranian Dog

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