Not An Optical Illusion.

I’m working on First Reaction, and every time I use this one pencil, and it freaks me out a bit, because I keep seeing it crooked. It’s very easy to see pencils crooked though, you can make them all wavy on purpose. I finally paid attention and looked at the pencil, and it’s not me, damn thing is crooked. :D

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A Heartwarming Moment.

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The Tiny Tyrant’s Veep is on vacation, and the owners of the house he’s staying in, and the neighbours had a lovely, gay message for the Pence family, on just how to do that MAGA business right. :D

A rainbow flag with the words “Make America Gay Again” was posted at the end of the driveway to both houses, the Aspen Times reports.

The banner was hung by the daughters of the homeowners — and one of their girlfriends.

“You couldn’t miss it,” Pitkin County Sheriff’s Deputy Michael Buglione explained.

Deputy Buglione explained the homeowners brough chili and corn muffins to the deputies and Secret Service agents posted.

“They’ve been really nice to us,” Pitkin County Sheriff Joe DiSalvo.

Now, that’s the way to make friends and influence people! Great job.

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Trumpy Bear, The Real Red Pill, & Snowflakes.

These are, sad to say, real products, which you can purchase at over-inflated prices.

At the Values Voter Summit earlier this year, President Trump declared that he will be “stopping cold the attacks on Judeo-Christian values” and that Americans will finally be “saying Merry Christmas again” after avoiding the phrase because “it’s not politically correct.” Now that the shackles of politically correct culture have been unlocked by our president, Right Wing Watch can finally release its 2017 annual gift guide for the holiday Christmas season.

You can see and read more at RWW, with full links to all the conservachristian goodies. You might want to put off any eating until after you peruse the gift guide. Lots of gag worthy stuff to behold.

Just Press The Right Button.

Vaught’s Practical Character Reader is an appalling little book on phrenology. I can’t imagine going around, staring at people, then feeling free to poke their head. Seems to me that would be an invitation to a facial rearrangement. There’s an insistence that anyone who doesn’t adopt their particular system is an idiot and worse, which  handily brings us to:

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Trolling Trump.

Most people are at least marginally aware of the Tiny Tyrant’s recent claim that he turned down Time Magazine’s ‘Person of the Year’, which has been handily refuted by all the folks at Time Mag. There’s always a bit of room for trolling though, and for Pete Souza, the Obama administration photographer, it’s a fun pastime.

Someone has a lot of catching up to do.

Former President Obama’s White House photographer on Saturday taunted President Trump, sharing a series of 15 Time magazine covers featuring the Obamas.

Pete Souza shared the compilation of photos, which was originally posted by an account named @michelleandbarack,” on Instagram, with the caption: “Someone has a lot of catching up to do.”

You can read all about it at The Hill.

It’s The Revolution! Oh No!

Rick Wiles. Again. And Again. The upset this time? The above video.

End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles warned that a recent “Saturday Night Live” skit in which three R&B singers begged Barack Obama to come back and be president again was really deep state propaganda designed to prepare Americans for the coming left-wing revolution.

Wiles and his co-hosts were aghast that SNL would make light of something as serious as “throwing out the Constitution” and “insurrection.”

“They’re prepping the public for the revolution,” Wiles said. “We’re going to topple Donald Trump, we’re going to bring back Barack Obama, we’re going to throw out the Constitution and we’re going to start a new country.”

“It confirms what I said a year ago,” he added. “Barack Obama will run the country as a president in exile. All of this ‘Resist Trump’ garbage is all being directed by Barack Hussein Obama.”

No, Mr. Wiles, this does not confirm anything you said, and it certainly does not confirm your moronic conspiracy theories. It’s a skit which represents a whole hell of a lot of wishful thinking going on, because of the twin disasters of the Tiny Tyrant and the grand ol’ party of sociopaths. People are tired, scared, sinking into poverty, and half dead of embarrassment. And you’re all aghast that people long for the return of a competent and scandal-free administration? That people long for a president who is actually intelligent, thoughtful, and capable of empathy? That people are desperate for a leader who is capable of diplomacy and has better things to do than to spew shit and manufacture vendettas via Twitter?

Pulling off a revolution is not so easy; history would be your friend there. Perhaps you should go and read. It’s always of interest to me, given how much you christian conservatives always have your nose up the ass of the ‘founding father’s’ corpses, that you conveniently manage to forget it was a revolution which founded all you claim to love. There’s a quick lesson there – revolutions happen when people simply cannot tolerate the existing situation anymore, they don’t happen for no reason at all.

The Resistance is not garbage. It’s necessary. And once again, not being directed by Pres. Obama. Seriously, if it was, I want my personally signed memo, dammit!

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