Big Gay Sword

I have featured michaelcthulhu several times already, and he keeps proving that he is a wholesome and good person.

The summary quote from this video:
“I don’t pretend to understand God or being gay. But only one side is sending death threats to a 22-year old so I’m pretty sure how I feel in this situation.”

Mike is trying to mad science how to make various patina colors on his sword in this one. I feel like I could have saved him a lot of trouble with that.


  1. Tethys says

    What a lovely person! I am very intrigued by his breathing device, as I’m having constant battles with my glasses and dust masks. I have gotten pretty good at catching my glasses, but a system where they aren’t getting fogged up in the first place would be a huge plus.

    I clicked through to the patina post too, but I’ve never learned much chemistry so it went over my head. I wonder if you could do some electroplating of components so they come out shiny? It’s a surprising simple ( and pleasing!) process and you’ve already got the necessary equipment.

  2. says

    Mad Mike is a character, for sure! I love his committment. And by “commitment” I mean he’ll pick up an angle grinder and bevel 6 feet of hardox bar. It’s a battle of stubborn and he wins.

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