Dakota Access: Stand Up!

(Photo: Melinda Lee)

(Photo: Melinda Lee)

Where Movements Meet: Black Lives Matter Organizers Visit #NoDAPL.


UN body says Sioux must have say in pipeline project.

Support Sacred Stone Camp. Legal Fund Help. Support Native YouthSign the Petition. Sign urgent petition.


  1. rq says

    Also I look at this gathering of people and keep wondering (naively, I know) how they (the government, big oil, etc.) can go on ignoring them. Even though I know how (quite easily) and why ($$$). But still.
    Such amazing strength and presence.

    Have fun at (the?) wacipi!

  2. says


    Have fun at (the?) wacipi!

    Oh, I will! We’re heading out to the camps on the day before (Thursday), or maybe Wednesday, and hopefully, I’ll have cards full of photos to share. It’s been really difficult to stay home.

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