Drinking the Orange Kool-Aid.


Rebecca Nelson at GQ has a very good article up about the current ‘crazy for Trump’ going on, and Rick Alan Ross, a cult expert and republican was watching this all with distaste, until a bell rang, and rather loudly. What he’s watching is the rise of a cult leader. The article goes through a number of points:

Sign I: His campaign is fueled by charisma.

Sign II: He’s a raging narcissist.

Sign III: What he says is always right. Even when it’s not.

Drinking the Orange Kool-Aid.

What has long bothered (and scared) me is that no one who follows Trump is remotely interested in seeing him subject to the same things the other candidates are, it’s always “different” in Trump’s case. That did not, and does not read like enthusiastic political support. This is more “alright, we can finally set up a dictatorship and start killing all the ___! Yes!”

The final note from the GQ article:

Trump doesn’t consider all women his spiritual wives, like the Branch Davidians’ David Koresh. And we can reasonably assume that he does not have plans to kill his supporters by giving them cyanide-laced Kool-Aid, as the Rev. Jim Jones did at his Guyana compound in 1978. Still, his ascendency could very well start a nuclear war. “We’re not talking about a compound with a thousand people,” Ross says. “We’re talking about a nation with over 300 million people. So the consequences of Trumpism could affect us in a way Jim Jones never did.”

Especially if you don’t drink the Trump Kool-Aid™.

Full story here.


  1. blf says

    As per a comment in another post, teh trum-prat has now more-than-less clearly broadcast his mein kampf agenda, removing any excuse for any doubt just how bigoted and unhinged he is. David Duke said it was an excellent speech.

    (This has probably already been noted by others — it was a few days ago — I’ve been away and only just returned, so am more behind than usual…)

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