Offline –

I’m gonna be offline until the 3rd, and then I am into my crazy busy-season.

Philly the 4,5,6
LA the 14,15,16 for a weeeeding
Atlanta the 17,18,19
Raleigh, NC the 20,21
then home for a week and off to Boston, Vienna Austria, and LA.

These are all work gigs; if you want to grab me and talk computer security, I’ll be being “Mister Security” not “Mister soapmaker and general purpose weirdo.”

I’ll keep trying to post stuff but I may not be maintaining a regular schedule or high quality output* unless something happens like I get stuck overnight at the “Gate 4C Motel” – which is where a lot of my stuff gets written and queued up.

Don’t break into my house while I’m away. There are cameras and other things.


(* “High quality output” is aspirational)

By The Way

I don’t intend to try to post stuff every day. I’ve been posting a lot of stuff because I’ve had time and stuff to say.

I may occasionally get busy and have work, house guests, travel days, whatever, and not post as much for a while. If that happens, don’t break out the champagne and canapes, yet, I’ll be back.

I’m assuming you’d rather I don’t post “I’m going to be blah blah blah Chicago blah blah” all the time. You don’t care about my personal life, nor should you. I just don’t want you to see me fall silent, start rejoicing, and then be bitterly crushed by disappointment.


Besides, I may fall silent long enough to write and publish “The Strategic Genius’ Guide to Dating ${preferred_gender}”     It’ll depend on whether I can get Chuck Tingle to write the forward or not.

Department of Bureacracy Public Service Announcement #1

I’ve posted a few pages for you to review; they are the “how to use this blogge” manual of operations they are also available on the left-hand menu bar:

I don’t expect to have any problems with commenters here because you’re all wonderful. The TL;DR is: if you engage in verbal abuse here, be creative, be clever, and try to keep it in line with A Theory of Verbal Abuse. If you are tedious and irritating I will let you drone on at length, then I’ll delete all your comments. So don’t bother.

Thank you,
Markoff Chaney – the Mgt.

fprintf(stderr,”Hello world\n”);


I’m thrilled to be here, and I look forward to posting stuff.

In case you’re wondering what this blog is going to be about, I have a bunch of things I plan to talk about:

  • Gun control (eventually)
  • Military procurement, corruption, grand strategy, imperialism
  • Computer security  <– “that’s my thing
  • The surveillance state and its many lies and incompetencies
  • Religion and philosophy, specifically, are religions much in the way of philosophies?
  • Book reports – I’m not sure what else to call them. They won’t be “reviews” – they’ll be more along the lines of ‘a bunch of things that reading this book made me think about’
  • Maybe some recipes
  • Maybe some stuff about various crafts I get involved in
  • Rhetorical tricks and “can your dialectics break bricks?”
  • Anarchism and moral nihilism
  • Historical skepticism

I also intend to post some stuff regarding verbal abuse and how to use abuse, or how to contextualize invective. That will probably feed into a commenting policy, which I will enforce. Spoiler: I don’t expect you to be nice to eachother, but if you’re going to be nasty, I want to see creativity. Please.

For the present, I think that I am going to keep from going into other writings at great depth – especially because I’m going to be pointing you toward things that are pretty long or crunchy. I’m probably going to favor offering an overview of something, a pointer to the original, some chunks out of context, and my analysis of the same. I’ve used that sort of approach for a long time and it has worked pretty well, I think. I may remix a few of my old postings from Deviantart or my personal website, too. There’s a lot of writing I’ve been meaning to revisit and this seems like a great chance to do it.