Offline –

I’m gonna be offline until the 3rd, and then I am into my crazy busy-season.

Philly the 4,5,6
LA the 14,15,16 for a weeeeding
Atlanta the 17,18,19
Raleigh, NC the 20,21
then home for a week and off to Boston, Vienna Austria, and LA.

These are all work gigs; if you want to grab me and talk computer security, I’ll be being “Mister Security” not “Mister soapmaker and general purpose weirdo.”

I’ll keep trying to post stuff but I may not be maintaining a regular schedule or high quality output* unless something happens like I get stuck overnight at the “Gate 4C Motel” – which is where a lot of my stuff gets written and queued up.

Don’t break into my house while I’m away. There are cameras and other things.


(* “High quality output” is aspirational)


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    My schedule is so much easier than it used to be. I’m getting old and grumpy and more inclined to say “no” – in 1999 I flew over 400,000 actual miles. (Mostly Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore) not as glamourous as it sounds. I thoroughly expected to bump into an earlier me at one of the departure gates.