Merry Whatever

The US is frantically shoveling weapons around the planet: ammo for Israel, ammo for Ukraine, drones and missiles for secret drone bases in Africa, and – now, there are significant naval forces moving toward Yemen because the Yemenis made the only move they could, and tried to block trade.

Stable diffusion and mjr.


Prompt was: santa claus with sleigh landed in rubble strewn burned out gaza strip. destroyed buildings and rubble, severe damage in background. death and destruction. (Santa claus has a palestinian flag:1.9).
master composition, masterwork, detailed, cinematic lighting, beautiful but grim. (sleigh has battle damage:1.6) (dead reindeer:1.3)

I didn’t want to try to describe what Iron Dome would have done to a low-flying intruder flight.

The problem with these AI art generators is, once you set them up and get them going, they just keep churning out more and more until you’ve had enough and want to beg them to stop.

In the lower one, it looks like the sled caught some AA, and they had to cobble a workable sleigh out of parts.

Once you go dark, stay dark.


  1. Alan G. Humphrey says

    Gotta love that dugout reindeer sleigh…

    … and the breeding program for the extra-long body.

  2. drken says

    Of course, the Iranian backed Houthis could decide to not fire weapons at civilians, thereby eliminating the chance of expanding the current conflict and reigniting the Yemeni civil war. That’s always an option. But, if you think the possibility of causing a small hiccup to the Israeli economy is worth it, you do you.

  3. Reginald Selkirk says

    death and destruction.

    There is plenty of destruction, but other than the reindeer/sleigh, no death is depicted.

    Those seem to be two different Santas. The big tell is the white trim at the top of the boots, but there are other differences, such as the second one having a better-fitting suit, and details of the beard.

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