Trucker Fail

Apparently some parts of the “trucker convoy” have evaporated, due to disinterest.


A convoy of truckers who were heading from California to Washington DC for Joe Biden’s State of the Union (SOTU) address have been told to find another protest fleet after theirs fell apart before its first stop.

Organisers of the “US Freedom Convoy” – which had been expecting up to 2,000 truckers prior to its departure from Los Angeles on Friday – disbanded the caravan and cancelled all associated rallies on Saturday after only five rigs arrived in Las Vegas.

“To prevent another rally without our truckers – our team will not be moving thru Salt Lake City and Denver,” organisers wrote in an update following the disappointing turnout in Sin City.

Truckers were instead urged to join The People’s Convoy, a more than 100-strong force that departed California for the US capital the same day and has amassed nearly $1m in donations.

Apparently, by day 2, the California contingent had shrunk down to 5 trucks. So, they threw in the towel and returned the $1m in donations. I’m kidding: they did throw in the towel, they did not return the donations.

The whole effort, a mediocre propaganda and donations-scam, got sidelined by Russia’s attack on Ukraine. War is just much more news-worthy.

I’m still baffled by the stupidity of the whole thing: the ‘truckers’ propose to interfere with other people’s ability to travel freely in order to protest their ability to … travel freely. Their complaint is supposedly that they don’t like mask mandates but they’re driving around in their trucks breathing the air in the cab, maskless, free, and somehow pissed off about that. They’re not experiencing any controls on their movement – they’re driving all over the place without being stopped to make sure they’re wearing masks or anything like that. Basically, the whole thing looks like a nothingburger with cheese – just another opportunity to hit the marks for donations.

The proto-fascist movement in the US has a complicated problem: they are simultaneously anti-government and pro-government. They want to complain about skateboarder punks in Seattle and BLM protesters who are not respecting the law and the government, but they want to not respect the law and government. I’m sure they’re not all too stupid that they miss the obvious contradiction, there, which makes me assume that it’s all a scam. Nobody’s yelling “shut up and haul” at truckers, but maybe they should be.


  1. crivitz says

    Perhaps the biggest reason for the convoy’s failure was that they didn’t have an official anthem. If only they could call on C.W. McCall to pen a song for them and bring along some “long-haired Friends Of Jesus in a chartreuse microbus.”

    Another fine example of failure to recognize a contradiction is shown by Condaleeza Rice’s appearance on Fox News as shown in this clip from The Majority Report:

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