Rush Hour

I’ve had some interesting rush hour road blocks out here. One time there was a bobcat sitting on the hood of my car (he left before I could get my camera) and another time there was an elk standing there, looking huge.

Yesterday it was a large flock of turkeys. This is not a great photo by a large distance but why not? Unlike chickens, which run along the road trying to escape, the turkeys go at an angle and vanish into the tall grass. They are amazing at vanishing.


  1. lochaber says

    We’ve got a bunch of turkeys here in the SF Bay Area in California. I think they were introduced, and the population is originally from Texas/Mexico? I’m not certain.

    They are quite dumb, and clearly don’t have enough predators locally. I frequently see them wandering around roads and even downtown intersections just holding up traffic.

    There is a couple groups of 3-5 that wander around near where I work. Sometimes during my commute, I see a larger group of 12-20.

    The ones around here aren’t at all prone to vanishing. Maybe just not suitable terrain, or maybe they are just to dimwitted… They are amusing to watch. Kinda like that quote about some military officer, who’s “men would follow him anywhere, mostly out of morbid curiosity”

  2. bmiller says

    I was bicycling once in a very rural part of Northern California (Tehama County) along this amazing road lined with ten miles of natural stone walls when I ran into my favorite traffic jam: A huge herd of free range cattle, with cowboys on horses and herding dogs. Pretty cool!

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