Commentariat(tm) agent kestrel sent me some plum liquer that she made. My eye happened on the bottle as I was grabbing orange juice to make mimosas, this morning.

So: orange/plum and champagne mimosas!

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As a bonus, in the background left you can see a resin cast-up that I just demolded. It’s a piece of bog oak log-end that I rigged to look like an icy mountain. It came out OK; next I need to put it on the lathe.


  1. Numenaster says

    I spotted the resin in the first photo and thought “Underwater mountain!” It’s lovely.

  2. kestrel says

    Oh YUM… honestly, I thought that blue thing in the back was another drink and I was hoping you would explain what it was!

  3. voyager says

    The underwater mountain is a perfect shade of blue. I look forward to seeing it after being turned.

  4. says

    John Morales@#3:
    And here I thought mimosas were flowers.

    That, too. This is another way I am hammering on the lesson that language is a poor tool.

  5. says

    Please don’t mix mimosa drinking with working on the lathe…
    It looks great and I have an idea about how great it will look once it’s finished.

  6. StevoR says

    @3. John Morales : “And here I thought mimosas were flowers.”

    I’ve always thought of Mimosa(s) as the star(s) of Beta Crucis :


    Though, yeah, there’s also the multiply named Mimosae / Fabaceae / Legumimoseae / Pea plant family so yes.


    Plus they are a drink now too?

    As well as a salad, a couple of places,a couple of moths plus a butterfly, a school, a manga character , a pair of ships and a Finnish swimmer as well as devilled eggs it seems :


    Did not know till now either. A good name Mimosa. A lot of thigs seem to want to share it. Cool.

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