A bunch of years ago I got to know Jonathan M., who runs a custom Japanese calligraphy production; he mounts the artworks and his wife, Shihan Yoshimi M., does the brush-work.

I suspect I annoy them a lot. Yoshimi Sensei apparently did not like the chunk of Lao-Tse I inflicted upon her (if you notice the scroll hanging near the pink press in my forge, it reads: “the weapons of war are unfortunate instruments.” from Tao Te Ching) I managed to prevail upon them to produce another one which I gave to my sword-making teacher, Michael Bell. It says “The secret to sword-making is: it’s hard work.”

In 2008 I commissioned this one, which hangs where I always see it, right outside my office. It’s a quote from David Attenborough, which I believe captures the essence of the man, and represents one of my life’s ideals:

I burn with unanswered questions” – David Attenborough.

Attenborough’s OK, don’t worry this is not my way of announcing his death or anything.

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Jonathon Maples’ site: [custom]

All of the lights in the upstairs of my house are RGB LEDs controlled together. (They’re not internet light bulbs; they’re very good, and much cheaper and more reliable. Made by Coidak. Unfortunately discontinued) Anyhow, I keep the house lit with dim red lights at night because why not? It’s very gothy-soothing.

I was taking a picture of the scroll for other reasons, but since I’ve got a picture of it, why not post it?


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    I love red lights. My bedroom is lit with red lights. Nice to know I’m not the only one.

    I used to have house-guests fairly often, and it was nice to be able to leave low red lights on in case someone had to find the bathroom without falling down the stairs. But I came to love how red is easy on the eye.

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