Fall Colors 2019 – 9

Another lovely sunny morning! In its honor, I’m greeting it with a mug of apple cider to chase down my coffee.

The cornfields are a uniform color but it’s beautiful. Seas of dry corn color.

A few years ago, ethanol from corn was a big thing, and they built a very expensive plant for producing ethanol, in an industrial park in Clearfield. I don’t think it’s producing any ethanol at all, now – fracking has taken over.

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I’m going to slow down the rate of posting these, now. From here out it’s going to mostly be leaves falling off until all you see is pine trees.


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    Ketil Tveiten@#1:
    You should gather them all into a time-lapse animation when the last leaves are off.

    I should have set a camera on a tripod to just automatically take a frame every day. I’ve been shooting these hand-held so they’d bob all over the place if I tried to timelapse them.

    That might be something to think about next year, though. I have the technology.

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