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    Well, not entirely true. Gravity of the planet Terra does affect our lives very significantly, as does the light from the star Sol. But other than that, spot on :).

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    So no asteroid today. Good to know.

    It’s the same horoscope tomorrow. That doesn’t mean you won’t ever get hit by an asteroid, though – sometimes horoscopes need “interpretation” (i.e.: they are wrong)

    If we’re still here next month, we can discuss this further.

  3. Pierce R. Butler says

    Needs a footnote:

    The forgoing does not apply to astronomers, astrophysicists, astronomy and astrophysics students, and employees and contractors of NASA, JPL, associated agencies and their international counterparts, or science fiction authors or readers.

  4. starskeptic says

    I never believed in Astrology, but then I’m a Taurus and we’re naturally skeptical…

  5. says

    But only the well known and entirely predictable stars and planets. Newly discovered ones on the other hand can make for a more exciting day for an astronomer.

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