Off to Cape Canaveral

A few months ago, I got a request from an old friend in the security world, to come teach a class for a group of young women that are being jump-started with an “information security boot camp” that is being run under the aegis of NASA.

I had kind of planned to not do any more public speaking about security, and to cut my travel to near zero, but it seems like a good cause so Anna and I are going to fly out today and (assuming the planes work correctly, etc) we’ll be visiting Cape Canaveral and looking at some big rocket motors and stuff.

I’ll be doing a short talk on “The Syslog is Your Friend” – outlining how and why diagnostic logging is also a forensic tool and an operational tool at the same time. As we continue embedding technology in everything, those error logs paint an increasingly interesting picture of everything everyone does. By the time the students in the class are fully grown, I suspect the retro-scope will be unstoppable.

My blogging schedule may be impacted by this. It’s going to depend on how much I wind up running my mouth.


  1. Oggie: Mathom says

    If you have the chance while you are in the area, I can highly recommend a visit to Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge on the north side of the cape. The Blackpoint Wildlife Drive is wonderful.

    Enjoy Florida. Stay cool.

  2. Johnny Vector says

    Don’t forget to remind them that continuing to add security infrastructure eventually wraps around into an effective denial of service attack. Give them a laptop administered by NASA’s IT management contractor if they need an example.

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