The Unification Church (AKA: “moonies”) held a ceremony to bless ‘the rod of iron’ – AR-15s. So everyone brought guns to church (unloaded, with the triggers ziptied).

One must admire the bling.

KTLA reports: [ktla]

The ceremony at Sanctuary Church started at 10 a.m. and wrapped up shortly before noon, according to KTLA sister WNEP in Harrisburg.

Followers of the offshoot from the Unification Church came with their AR-15s which they believe are the rod of iron mentioned in the bible.

Reverend Sean Moon led the blessing of couples inside the church. Several hundred worshippers wore crowns — some made of bullets — and held their firearms throughout the ceremony.

This is just coincidence I am sure:

Within the last year, Moon incorporated the belief of the rod of iron and a human right to bear arms.

His brother Justin Moon owns Kahr Arms, a gun maker in Pike County.

At least they’re not eating godmeat and engaging in ritual vampirism. Someone needs to come up with a religion where god wants you to pick up roadside trash and fill potholes. In his name.


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    Yes Moonies are pretty much alive haha. Now there are three group. The UC (which is the core Unification Church), the Santuary Church(the one in the picture) and another one which name I don’t remember. The last both are guided by the sons of Sun Myung Moon and the main one is guided by his wife, Hak Ja Han.