The Lego Hardcore of Yore

I wrote about Margaret Hamilton, the programmer who designed the self-diagnosing co-routines in NASA’s moon mission software. [stderr] Her achievements are righteously legendary.

Lego has done a series of figures based on the women who helped get men to the moon, back, and into the lime-light. [lego]

And there’s Katherine Johnson [stderr]

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Whenever I hear the phrase “men went to the moon” I think of my first truelove, Rachel R., who used to wear a shirt that asked: “If they can send one man to the moon, why not send all of them?”  Ooooooo… wait: I know what someone‘s getting for xmas instead of soap, this year. Spreadshirt, here I come!


  1. cvoinescu says

    I’m really really sorry to disappoint, but the LEGO Ideas site is for others to suggest set ideas. They don’t exist as products yet. Very few are physical prototypes; most are just renderings. People need to vote on the projects, and, if they gather enough support in a year, LEGO will consider making the set — no guarantees. I supported one other project, a very nice reproduction of the Beagle: it got enough votes, but they nixed it anyway.

  2. says

    I am always amazed at how *evocative* Lego™ can be.

    Me too. I have greatly enjoyed the playstation LEGO games (LEGO Harry Potter was a blast!)
    If you haven’t seen the LEGO Batman movie – it’s really worth it. Huge helpings of clever humor and great cinematography, with a guest appearance by [spoiler]