Thug Lite

WALMART acted quickly to take down a racist and repulsive “thug life” mask caricaturing Tupac. Caine over at Affinity [affinity] rightly takes them to task.

But I decided to actually search WALMART’s site for the entry, since I was hoping there might be some statistics about how many copies sold, etc. WALMART has purged it, so we won’t know.

WALMART’s knee-jerk reaction did not include searching their inventory for other products named “THUG LIFE” apparently. If it took me 2 seconds to think of this, and find it, it should have taken WALMART about the same amount of time. [walmart]

Seriously, what kind of entitled shithead wears something like that out skiing? Wait – is that “edgy humor” of the sort that the “free speech” and “political correctness” crowd are trying to defend? [stderr]

The Tupac mask is still available (for now) on According to their statistics, it doesn’t appear to have sold very well. [amazon]


  1. jrkrideau says

    Humm, I wonder if Walmart Canada had them too?
    The Tupac mask does not ship to Canada says Amazon.

  2. says

    That neoprene…what kind of an asshole designs that in the first place?

    I know, right? Someone who thought, “the other assholes are gonna lap this up!”