An Eyeful

I talk to venture capitalists a fair bit because I’ve been involved in a bunch of start-ups and technical advisory boards. And I do an interview column for Searchsecurity, where I try to interrogate interesting people in order to find out how they got interesting. This morning I was transcribing the audio of an interview I did with a woman executive who was a venture capitalist for years, then went on to start her own company.

It’s fairly rare to find woman executives who are willing to talk about gender bias, because, I’m sure it just increases their inter-cranial pressure to the explosion point. But we went there, anyway.

The interview isn’t posted yet or I’d include a link, but she referred me to an interesting organization They’re taking a metrics-driven approach to diversity: diversity is a good business strategy.


I have to say, that graphic’s a killer. Maybe a bit of an eye-test (I hate modern “web colors” and can’t wait for that fad to die out) but I love the references. There’s nothing like a handful of crunchy facts to chew on and wash down with a cup of hot tea.


Marcus Ranum’s interviews at SearchSecurity


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    I owe your comment a detailed read and I’ve been all over the map the last week. So, yes, I’ll get to it. Short form: I think you’ve convinced me I’m wrong but I need to think more.