Yummy “NopeFish”

My friend who introduced me to this guy’s twitter feed calls it “Nope Fish.” I suspect they all taste more or less the same, but I can understand why a sushi chef wouldn’t want those pretty faces staring at customers through the glass.

No, thanks

No, thanks

A Russian fisherman snaps pictures of some of the stuff that winds up on their deck.

Teeth of shai-hulud

Teeth of shai-hulud

Judging from the eyes, some of these are deep dwellers.

Aggro looking little fella

Aggro looking little fella


Rfedortsov on Twitter


  1. Siobhan says

    The last fish kinda looks like an Angler Fish, which is kinda cute in a horrifying way. But yeah, that first fish is a definite nope.

  2. says

    Gotta admire evolution’s work on the teeth of the first one.
    Uh, fascinating from a distance.

    And those little eyes. It looks like it’s probably not very particular about what it gobbles, and it can’t let go.

  3. komarov says

    Those teeth on #1 look suspiciously like a transitional form towards a marine buzzsaw or mining drill. It’s easy enough to imagine those rows of teeth rotating. A natural predator for nuclear submarines…

  4. Brian English says

    They’re cuties!
    The caption on the first one says Weekend! I think.

    Marcus, your anti-Brian spam filter is failing.
    I can’t log in to comment directly to your posts, but I can log into PZs to comment, then when I come here I am still logged in.

  5. eddie says

    Tho I think those ‘little eyes’ in buzzsaw are actually it’s nostrils. The eyes are just out of sight at the sides.