Crèche and Burn

I’ve been amazed at all the tasteless christmas molded plastic landfill-in-waiting that are being deployed in the war on christmas. The “war on christmas” is the concerted attempt by people to make christmas look cheesy, silly, and degenerate, right? Or did I miss the “war on christmas” strategy meeting?

Caine posted a link to the hipster crèche, which is definitely a fine piece of work. It reminded me that it’s time to post my own offering…

This series of miniature scenes was Robin’s idea; I did the prop-wrangling and photography. She made the original sculpey bits and the googly eyes.

2009, Marcus Ranum and Robin T.

2009, Marcus Ranum and Robin T.




  1. kestrel says

    That is so perfect! I did one a long time ago using plastic dinosaurs. They were around a holy egg (because at least some dinosaurs lay eggs) which was actually a marble, that had a small round rubber band on it for the halo. (It was an elastrator band, for those of you who know what those are.) Mommy and Daddy dinosaur had elastrator halos as well.

    We’ve wanted to set up a little “murder scene at the stable” but just never seem to have time for it. Maybe this year! I feel very inspired now!

  2. says

    Doooooooo iiiiiiittttttttttt!!!
    That’s brilliant!

    Dinosaur creche is also great; especially because you could play off the symbolism of the “big new star in the sky” (that’s not a star, that’s a 4km-wide asteroid!)