Festering pustules p2: Racism is fine, but we have to censor the word “fuck”

I wrote last week about a white supremacy poster that popped up on my old campus, mocking it for the ridiculous argument that anti-racist efforts are inherently anti-white. Well, it seems the giggling dumblefucks have returned, with even more mind bending logic to cause a migraine wow your senses!

Content Notice: Xenophobia and racism.

Xenophobia = fine. Racism = fine. But we have to censor the word "fuck," because we're respectable here.


So xenophobia and racism are fine, but we’re respectable racists here, so we’re going to censor the word “fuck.”

…Probably tells you all you need to know about their priorities.

Also, judging by the hashtags, “back to where the poster-maker came from” is probably Europe. Just a hunch. So, you first buddy.

I’m going to start poking around to see if campus security is aware that this is the second white supremacy related incident. There are cameras, so hopefully we can catch these assweasels…



Edit Sep 19: Shortly after this was published, David Turpin, current president of the U of A, released this statement:

Earlier today, disturbing racist posters were discovered on our campus. As soon as they were brought to our attention, the posters were removed. Any new posters found will also be removed immediately. Unfortunately, similar posters have also been found on other Canadian university campuses. We are working with University of Alberta Protective Services to find the parties responsible. The University of Alberta is a space that is open to all people and we take pride in the strength of our diverse community.

David H. Turpin
President and Vice-chancellor


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    Sikhs have been in Canada since 1897.

    I had a man, an immigrant from Norway, tell me, in his heavily accented English, that all those “ragheads” should go back where they came from. He didn’t like me telling him that their grandparents were here before mine were. Only difference; mine were white.

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    Reminds me of a family get together where I was the only person vocal against the use of the N word. Later, someone chastised someone else for using a regular swear word (maybe the F word) in front of the young person who had been in the room the whole time.

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    Also, judging by the hashtags, “back to where the poster-maker came from” is probably Europe. Just a hunch. So, you first buddy.

    No, no, no.
    You’re not going to dump your racist shitheads on this continent.
    1st, we have our own racist shitheads. Our shithead capacity is more than full.
    2nd, your society created them, you deal with them.