Required Reading

Here’s the good news: This reading is not required. I cannot force you to read it, and I have no way to encourage you to do so–except, of course, by asking nicely and making the point that you will enter conversations about trans issues with a more informed perspective. If you’re reading a trans feminist and committed to learning trans issues, you probably won’t have a problem checking this material out eventually.

Plus, my comments policy reiterates that I have little patience for Points Refuted A Thousand Times, so if you’ve been filtered, consult the reading material below and you’ll most likely discover what you said that has been debunked. Many, many times.

Here’s the bad news: It’s long. That’s because cissexism and transphobia have a lot of unchallenged assumptions informing them, and most people who’ve never questioned the gender status-quo are ill equipped to participate in feminist discourse, never mind trans feminist discourse, because of the multifaceted rejections of conventional gender knowledge. So if the media’s where you’ve been learning your stuff, flush it out of your brain promptly. They’ve probably been wrong the entire time.

Here’s the super good news: I’m linking free articles, so it don’t cost you a dime.

This list should help get most of the context to understand what is being discussed in contemporary trans feminist discourse, including what occurs on this blag.