No full post for today (as usual, this means I’m tied up with a bigger project for you to enjoy later!). So you get some Miss Kookie instead:

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Good music to have stuck in your head: Transistor

Transistor brings us an unusual cocktail of electropop and… bossa nova?

Transistor is one of those delightful postmodern games that pleases my inner hipster. There’s a lot of story about well-intentioned extremism, crisis of identity, solitude and solipsism–plus a neat action game with very satisfying gameplay. I strongly recommend it, as well as its techno-bossa nova soundtrack.


Good music to have stuck in your head: flOw

flOw is another delightful contribution to the indie game scene, although it’s almost more of an art piece than a game. Nonetheless, its soundtrack is perfect if you’re ever in the need to unwind and chill–which is to say it’s a perfect soundtrack to get high to:



Good music to have stuck in your head: Vivaldi

Back when I was still receiving classical training for piano, I hit a crossroads that many musicians must cross: Which composer do I like the most?

I would assume many musicians, like me, don’t overthink it at first. We like certain songs, and more than one composer can usually deliver.

But then time progresses and you start to detect a “fingerprint” in the musical composition, and eventually, one develops a preference for the fingerprint itself. I plan to resume my musical training in the next few months (after I’ve got my finances straightened out and finish the probationary period at my new job), and high on my agenda is the cello part in this song:

Not only do I like the oboe (listening to it, not playing it–egads, those fucking reeds), but there’s something about the way the cello is organized in Vivaldi music that is aesthetically pleasing to me. This song was the most vivid example that came to mind.