The Virus (Quarantine Poetry)

My tired brain smothered
By a winding list of precautions
Stare at the endless walls
Until we call it safe

One day we’ll step out the door
And put our arms
Around each other
But not anytime soon

Empty store shelves
Empty calendars
Empty feeling
In my calloused gut

Six feet to sanity
Masks and gloves
That collect in the trash
Comfort our fear

Sanitize my driving forces
I’m one woman alone
On a welcoming portal
Connected to the world

The clock ticks on
The moon rises behind clouds
Darkness blankets the city
But the sun will rise again

A virus invades
The bodies and minds
Of this aching planet
But solidarity is contagious

One humanity
Against the sickness
One fierce and hopeful fight
Will save of all

We’re in this together

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