Great Lakes Atheists Picnic/Juneteenth Update

Last night was the first time I had met anyone from Great Lakes Atheists in person since I joined the group last December. It was really nice. Unfortunately, only a few people could make it and it started storming a little over an hour in. There were only five of us there and that’s the most atheists I’ve ever been around! I am hoping to meet other groups in person soon.

I’m working really hard on my blog post for FtB’s Juneteenth celebration. The post is titled, “Racism and the KKK: What I’ve Learned From My Family’s Dark Past”. Look for it on Saturday.

Thank you all for your support!

Ode to My Husband’s Tongue/Erotic Poetry Book Update

I am wrapping up my erotic poetry book. At the moment it stands at 73 poems. I have no idea what the future holds for this book, but I’ve had an absolute blast writing it.

Ode to My Husband’s Tongue

It’s soft —
Pink like me.
A weapon
when my husband’s on his knees.
The creator of tingles
and shockwaves.
It strokes,
leaving me floating
among the clouds.
When my husband
opens my world with two fingers,
it sweeps across my button —
the epicenter.
He likes my taste.
It’s warm,
It speaks
even when it’s not speaking.
It brings pleasure
that lingers in my dreams.

A Secular Childhood: Letters to My Daughter — no. 24 “Boundaries”

Dear daughter,

If someone makes you uncomfortable, you don’t have to be polite. You don’t have to smile. You don’t have to nervously giggle. You don’t owe anyone anything. Set boundaries and don’t let anyone cross them. 

Daughter — I’m not good at this. I’ve put up with so much shit in my life. Creepy guys. Abusive bosses. It’s hard for me to say no and I avoid conflict even when it’s necessary. People have used me — taken advantage of me. 

With time, I’ve gotten a little better at standing up for myself but it’s never easy.

Remember — you always have the right to leave. Set boundaries and don’t waver. Good people will respect them. The rest don’t deserve your time. 



My Social Media and Juneteenth

A few people have asked me for my social media info at speaking engagements and unfortunately, I didn’t have anything to give them. I had only been using Facebook and my workplace encourages us to keep our profiles on private. I got a few friend requests which are great, but it’s obvious I need to do something else. So, Twitter it is! You can find me @MeganReneeRahm. I’ve put up a few tweets in the last couple of days but I promise to add more. 🙂

Also, FtB will be celebrating Juneteenth. Look for our special posts on June 19th. I am writing about racism, the KKK, and my family. I am learning a lot after my recent revelations. There will be a poem, too, of course.

Christian Admirer

This is a poem about young boyfriends who try to convert you. (Another selection from my book, Free to Roam: Poems from a Heathen Mommy.)

Christian Admirer

Eyes of lust and honeydew
don’t mean I grant you permission
to invade my liberated world.
Drop the slate
and let the luster fade.
If you want in my life
I’m gonna need you raw, be real.
Give up
because you’ll never change me.
Your envy shines like emeralds.
I bet purity burns like hell.


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