Atheism and the Arts: Recommendations Please!

I run an arts program for a local nonprofit four days a week. The rest of the week I am working on my own projects — mostly drawing and writing. I am so passionate about my work. I am an artist deep down to my bones. Being an atheist is also very important to my life and identity so it seems natural that I want that to be reflected in my work. I never paint a picture just to make something pretty; I paint a picture to tell my story. The same goes for my writing.

I would love to see more work by atheist artists and writers. Even today, a lot of the arts are tied to spirituality and it can be difficult to find work inspired by skepticism.

Can you guys recommend any atheist artists and writers to check out? I would love to hear about writers, but how about artists? Do you know of any?


    • ashes says

      Wow! I really love your work — especially your tribal designs. I can see how they would make awesome tattoos. My three-year-old daughter was sitting next to me as I looked at your site and she said you should do unicorns. 😀

  1. snarlymon says

    You might look up some Luis Buñel films. He was “always an atheist, thank god” and had a very interesting life. His first film’s a collaboration with Salvador Dali called Un Chien Andalou which is a very surrealist short. After the Spanish civil war he moved to Hollywood to distance himself from the Franco regime. He was not a good fit for the studio system and eventually moved to Mexico. There he produced and directed Los Olvidados, (The Damned) a film about the the poverty in Mexico cities slums. Two my fav movies are The Exterminating Angel and Viradiana. I showed the latter in a film class and a fellow faculty member who was sitting in found it to be extremely profane. Christians can be quite thin skinned.

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