I apologize for not posting more frequently lately. I have been working my butt off on my upcoming memoir as well as my erotic poetry book but I promise to return soon!

I have two more speaking events coming up:

November 14th — Eastern Shore Humanists/UUFS
November 28th — Fellowship of Freethinkers Dallas

I’m definitely looking forward to connecting with more humanists and freethinkers. Right now I don’t have any events scheduled for December.

Take care!

Tell me about your holidays.

Two days ago I went into one of those big home improvement stores and I was shocked to see aisles and aisles of Christmas decorations — right in front for everyone to see. This was October 16th — a full two weeks before Halloween. 

It’s no secret — I let Twitter know how much I hate Christmas yesterday. It is my least favorite time of year. The gaudy decorations. The stress of buying presents. Having to socialize. It’s definitely not for me.

Christmas would be more tolerable if it was only one day, but no! It has to last for two goddamn months!

Okay. I’m done bitching.

My husband and I really only celebrate Christmas because the rest of our family does, but we keep it secular. Yes to Santa, no to Jesus.

What about Halloween? My husband and daughter love Halloween! Please don’t skip over it! We picked out our costumes and we have decorations all over our yard. 

Since the beginning of September, we’ve gone to the Spirit Halloween store every Thursday after my daughter’s swimming lesson. It’s a treat for her that she looks forward to. 

Trick-or-Treat is really quite the event in our neighborhood. I think our neighbors try to outdo each other every year when it comes to decorations. There are lights and sounds up and down the streets. And so many kids! I didn’t know we had so many kids in our neighborhood! Where did they all come from? 

It’s a lot of fun.

And then there’s Thanksgiving. That’s my favorite! It’s a little less pressure and we all get to enjoy my dad’s fabulous cooking! No spirits. No ghosts. No Jesus. Just a glorious secular feast. 

So what do holidays look like for you? Do you hate Christmas as much as I do or do you get into the spirit of the season? Does your family keep it secular? I am writing this post from the viewpoint of an American from a Christian family. Fill me in if you have other holidays that you celebrate!