Go On and Cook — recovery poetry and update

Go On and Cook

Close your eyes
if you can’t see –
others will walk
you through it.
Your brain will lie,
mirrors will deceive you,
but what matters
is what’s boiling
on the inside.
Turn down the gas
and bring it to a simmer.
The truth lies
somewhere in the bubbles.
Open your eyes
when you’re ready.
See what the world
has to offer.
In this journey
you can stand the heat
with the help of others –
no matter what you cook.


This is day number 30 in treatment. On Monday I will be stepping down to a lower level of care. My eating disorder takes many forms — I have symptoms of anorexia, avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID), and rumination disorder. I have been writing my butt off. I am currently on journal number 4.