YouTube Video: DELIBERATE DESTRUCTION – Film and TV weapons

I found this video to be informative and interesting, as well as very painful to watch. I cannot imagine doing something like this to a knife that I have spent several days making. I would do it if I got paid and the destruction were for a purpose, as it is in this case, but even so – ouchouchouch…


  1. lochaber says

    That was not what I expected based on the title, but it was pretty interesting.

    I guess it takes more time, and is less “precise”, but I would think taking them out and beating on some old logs and dirt piles and such would work great for the distressing, and be kinda fun as well…

    Anyways, I figure this is just another process in the art process, although the end goal is slightly different.a

  2. says

    If you are using known materials, and processing them using known processes, the results are not unknown. So experiment is interesting but there should be no surprises. When I do something new (like my wrought iron/1095 high layer suminigashi) I make a test blank, harden it, and hammer it into an oak log including giving it some lateral hits.

    Making a finished piece and destroying that is just dick waving.

  3. says

    Marcus, you did dot watch the video, did you? It is not about testing, it is about artificial aging of movie props.

  4. says

    Nope, you’re right. I was on a low-bandwidth connection and should have watched it before commenting. I thought it was a totally different video. Whups! Sorry!

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