1. Tethys says

    It is always nice to be able to click through to the actual book. This one is very proper and correct in the Ye olde fashioned phrasing and grammar. The first sentence of the first story however, is all too modern.

    “Arbuthnot, in his humourous work Political Lying commends the Whigs for occasionally trying the people with ” Begin with Great Swingeing Falsehoods”. [..] ”

    The opposite approach is to be used for telling ghost-stories.

  2. voyager says


    ” Begin with Great Swingeing Falsehoods”. [..] ”

    That’s a great line and sadly all too true. Politics has always been dirty business.

  3. voyager says

    Thanks! I’ve been holding on to the cover of the Blue Fairy Book to use in October, it has a wonderful witch on the cover, but I wasn’t aware of the rest of the series.
    I learn so many wonderful things through this blog.

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